Saturday, January 23, 2010

Comments are now open

I've got a few comments over the time of my blog that people can't comment because they don't have a google account.

I've now opened for anonymous comments, so if you want to ask me about something in regards to any of my blogposts, now's your chance.

The reason I restricted comments back in the day was because I was afraid of dealing with spam all day. Let's see how it turns out.


kapil chandak said...


I am developing a requirement in Xpage in which I trying to show data from two database in a single view,I tried using tabbed table and display two views in two tab of table which is not useful for customer then I used a data table in which i cannot attach pager as pager need to be attached to single repeat and I have used two repeat to display data from two db views.

My second concern is about search functionality which i have developed in Xpage ver 8.5.1,but I am not able to display document from other db's containing a keyword in the attachment.I am using partial refresh and have placed the view in the panel and refreshing panel,i wanted FT search technique to search even keyword in the attachment and bring it up in the search view.

Lastly I am trying to use window.close() method in client 8.5.1 to close current xpage as I am placing exit label on main xpage and pressing exit xpage should close but window.close() client side script don't seem to work in 8.5.1

Any help from xpage developer will be helpful i have gone thru some blogs i.e. john mackey etc,xpage info and wiki site but could not get proper workaround.


Unknown said...

Regarding the issue about content from two databases, I need a little bit more info. Are you doing lookups in one database based on content from another?

Regarding the closing of tabs in the XPages client, I'm afraid I can't help you as I have only been involved in making XPages applications for the web browser.