Monday, March 28, 2011

Small bugfix in the CKEditor integration for XPages demoapp

When you tried to upload more than one file at once (e.g. one attachment and an image), only the first file uploaded successfully.

This bug has now been fixed.

The Domino part of the demo requires Dojo 1.4.1 (Domino 8.5.2 server), as it's hard coded in the HTML header. Modify it to suit your environment.

>> Download demoapp


Unknown said...

Good job!

Cedric said...

Hi Tommy,

I don't know where to post my question in your blog so I leave it here. It's related to Xpages.
I m already using CKEditor in my applications.
I would also like use INSE uploader

I have been fighting for a while to make it work with Xpages.. Will you have some time to help me doing this?
Or some advices on how to..?

Unknown said...

I haven't used it myself.

I think you're better of asking for help in the XPages forums.