Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fun with the WebBrowser Control pt 2

Getting to know the object more and more.

Today's flash shows capturing events from the browser-control, and picking values from the document inside the control.

This resource from Microsoft has helped me along somewhat. Only a fraction of the methods/events/properties documented is available in Notes though.

The demoapp is still not ready, as I'm still not finished investigating possibilities.. :)


J E Carter II said...

Nice mashup! What client version of Notes?

Tommy Valand said...

I'm using 8.01, but I would think the code I'm using should be backwards compatible to the version that introduced layers (Notes 6?)..

Most of the code is interaction with the WebBrowser control.

J E Carter II said...

I haven't tried this in a layer in R6, but when embedded as an object, the browser control can be a bit flaky in that version of Notes. Reason I asked was it seems to be more stable now, or maybe it has to do with using a layer. With our experiments in R6, we had a pretty event chance of the client crashing or the runtime totally losing a handle on the object.

Tommy Valand said...


The control has been more or less rock solid in N8. No crashes so far.

A while back (in N7), I tried putting/using the control inside a table cell. Notes didn't seem to like that.

Chris Toohey said...

AWE-some bro - really simple-to-use and amazing usage of the control.

I've found the Designer UI interaction with said control is a little flaky, but it's dead-on accurate on the Notes client in usage.

Looking forward to more!