Thursday, March 8, 2007

Breaking the count-limit in views on the web

Show n' Tell Thursday
I thought I'd sit this Thursday out, but too much free time I guess.

First, open the demo-db in notes.
Click Create test-documents (creates 5001 documents).
Open the view on the web.
A counter will tell how many "documents" currently fetched

The parsing of the HTML is quite CPU-intensive.
On my PC it takes IE7 about 15 seconds, and FF about 20 seconds to get all 5001 items.

There are more elegant ways of getting more documents than the server-limit. With this method, you can control the layout from the view, and you don't have to mess about with XML or JSON.

If someone can provide me with a more complex database with 1500+ (non-sensitive) documents, I can try to add browser-side click-to-sort columns.