Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back from Korea

Well.. I'm back from South-Korea. It was a wonderful trip, and I was fortunate enough to meet quite a number of Korean people. I even met a fellow JS/Ajax programmer :)

I was happily surprised over how many cute korean girls there were, especially in Seoul.

We traveled around in Korea, to Gyongju to look at temples, to Busan to party, and to one of the biggest stalagmite (probably not the right word) caves in Asia. In Seoul, we visited the former royal palace and the Korean War Memorial/Museum (the most impressive museum I've been to).

In Busan, we were denied access to a club with the ironic name New York, on grounds that they didn't allow foreigners that night. Understandably, they probably have problems with drunken foreigners getting into fights and such, but denying all foreigners access would be categorized as racism in Europe. On an upnote, I got to buy a bottle of Corona for a chewing-gum. I don't know if it was a communication error between me and the bartender, or that she was drunk (I was myself in the process of getting shitfaced). Anyway, she said it was ok, when I asked if I should pay.. :)

We also visited the Aquarium in Busan, where they had many exotic fish.

In Gyongju, we were shanghaied into a booking-club, after a meal at a Korean restaurant. It was really uncomfortable (mostly because the employees were too focused on making us have a good time). Fortunately we had no trouble getting away.

The same night, we went to a really relaxing club called Juliet. Beautiful waitresses, and good beer.. :D

On partying, I found Seoul to be my favourite party-place. Mostly because I felt Koreans were more open to foreigners there.

<<Some pics from the trip>>