Friday, November 16, 2007

Document generator - Discworld "characters"

I've mostly used Jakes fakenames-app for demos, but I've got tired of cleaning out design-elements to make it lean bytewise.

Run java-agent generateDiscworldCharaters to make documents. Currently set to 500 documents. No uniqueness check.

I use four arrays, first-name/title, last-name/"the Something", guild/company, address/country. Math.random() and a loop to create documents.

>> Discworld name generator


Veer said...

Local access protection again.

Tommy Valand said...

Arg.. I think it's because of Domino Designer 8 (boring version).

I've recently switched to that on the computer I'm experimenting with.

Sorry.. :\

I've remade the DB in DD7.02 on my other computer..

Could you see if the db works now?

If so, no more Domino 8 for me until IBM has patched a bit.

Unknown said...

Love it. After working with/for/against IBM since 1995, I can heartily appreciate Terry Pratchetts view on life..


Nice one.

---* Bill

Veer said...

Works now. Thanks!!

Steen AA said...

Very useful. Thanks a lot!