Friday, January 11, 2008

Taking visual control of Domino generated views

This is somewhat related to my previous post, as that is what sprung this idea forward, adding a class-attribute per even row/colgroup-nodes per column, dynamically.

In the downloadable demo application, I've made a $$ViewTemplateDefault-form with a JS-function that does the above, onload.

Every even row has class="even". The generated colgroup is structured like this, a <colgroup> containing <col id="column[number]"/> nodes, where [number] corresponds to the column number it represents.

To get a fix on the Domino-generated table, I've added a span around an embedded view (to easier control count). id="domino_view", class="@ViewTitle[1]".

I don't know what more to say than take a look at the screenshots, and download the app, look at the code/css if you think it's something you can use.

Some screenshots

Categorized view, no CSS
Categorized view, styled

Flat view, no CSS
Flat view, styled

>> The demo application

Tested in IE 6/7, FF2 and Opera 9.

If you discover bugs/find something strange in the demo-app/etc, let me know. Preferably through comments.. :)


Chris Reckling said...

Good stuff - fyi - your screen shot links are pointing to the wrong files, if I'm not mistaken.


Tommy Valand said...

You're absolutely right..

Fixed. Thanks for letting me know!