Thursday, March 13, 2008

Notes 8 Classic - working undercover?

I just started using Notes 8.0.1 this week. Some things I love, and some things annoy me.

Like this one:

I was working on a calendar-entry, when suddenly the classic client popped up. I can't close it by itself. When I close the standard client, this closes as well.

Don't know if this means that the classic client is used as a go-between for Domino Designer/old Notes apps and Notes 8 Standard Client?


Nate said...

If you'd sign up for and get on the IM server, we could have a conversation about it! :-D

Carl Tyler said...

Ha, it must be like the first version of 1-2-3 for Windows, and just a keystroke macro pushing data into 1-2-3 for DOS.

Tommy Valand said...

@Nate: I must admit that I'm currently low on yellow blood (lack of motivation), but if my blood starts turning yellow again, I'll pop in..

Where's the yellow werewolf when you need him? :)

@Carl: If it worked before.. ;)

ChrisPepin said...

While I haven't seen this problem before, I do know if you install Notes 8, basic is also installed although an icon isn't created on the desktop. You can find nlnotes.exe in the Notes directory to launch the basic (i.e. classic) client

Brian Baum said...

I've been experiencing the same thing, accepting meeting invitations almost always sets it off. I've also had emails jump from the client into the admin client which of course uses Notes Basic mode. This leads me to believe it's a problem with the Admin/Designer install since they are not based on Eclipse.

Tommy Valand said...

@Brian: Regarding mails popping up in Admin/Designer, I so far only experience this when the mailbox is the active app i the Client/the Inbox is open.

If you click on another folder than the inbox/have another application open in the Client when you're working, I think you'll avoid this.