Monday, May 26, 2008

Upcoming experiment - Beautiful URLs with Domino

Just a little preview.. It's a simple "hack". No admins involved :)

More info about well designed URLs


Jake Howlett said...

I'm guessing it involves your $$ReturnGeneralError form trick?

Tommy Valand said...

That is one part of it.. ;)

I'm currently reading a book on Django. The inspiration came from their URL dispatcher.

Matt White said...

This is something which we are trying to do with upcoming LinkJam product as well. As you say hacks are the order of the day, but it certainly is possible.


Chris Toohey said...

Question that I'm too lazy to check: do $$ReturnGeneralError report as 400-code response from the server?

My immediate thought, if this is the case, is that such functionality (while slick) will skew logging reports - as each search could be seen as a failure from the server.


Tommy Valand said...

Not really sure/too lazy to test... :)

The documentation may indicate that $$ReturnGeneralError snatches the error before the server does (any unhandled error gets logged).

To customize the appearance of error messages that display to Web users, add custom error message forms to the database. If an error condition occurs and a custom form exists for it, Domino uses the custom form to display the error message. Otherwise, Domino uses the default error message form. Message forms that you add to a database override any server-wide messages set up by an administrator.