Friday, February 13, 2009

Visual Basic macros do not work in Office 2008 for Mac

We got a question regarding an XML spreadsheet from a customer using Mac today. The macros didn't work in Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, which they were upgrading to.

Asked my friend Google, and this is what he found for me: Visual Basic macros do not work in Office 2008 for Mac.

I don't know if Lotus Symphony supports Mac/VBA Macros, but if it did, it would be somewhat amusing.. :D


Vitor Pereira said...

Symphony will feature macros in version 1.3 but I'm not sure about support on the Mac. There was a comment about this on Ed's blog but no one confirmed it.

Tommy Valand said...

It looks like VBA support is prioritized in the OpenOffice project.

I'm not sure if IBM only "copies" what Sun/Novell already has contributed to OO. Either way, it would be nice to say that Mac users can upgrade to Lotus Symphony and their VBA macros will still work. Which is more than Microsoft can say about Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac at the moment.