Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updated the TextToPNG-generator

Update 14.04.09: I added support for PNG transparency, and improved the vertical positioning of text to avoid clipping.

When I first made it, i called it a header-generator.

I actually needed something similar today at work, for a newsletter-application I'm working on. I added some functionality at work, and planned to release the updated version as is. I saw how horrendous the interface looked/wished for a little more functionality, so I added a little more functionality/freshened up the interface.

Old interface:

New interface:

>> Download DemoApp
Requirements to run the app: Domino 8.x (code written in Java 5)

Example images:


Ferdi Verlaan said...

Excellent stuff, I was just wondering how I would ever pull off that kind of trick! Thank you!