Thursday, June 4, 2009

UserCss: Cleaning up the Google Reader interface

I finally had enough with Bloglines. The RSS-robots are extremely slow, the page has a fair amount of downtime, the site has a lot of problems, etc.

I started using Google Reader today. The only thing I didn't like about it was all the clutter. Bloglines wastes little space.

I've known about the posibility for site-specific CSS in Opera for several years, but never had the need for it. This was the perfect occasion to try it out. I used Opera Dragonfly to identify the spots that needed to go/the items that needed to be moved.

This is the result:

(Screenshot from Opera 10 Beta1. Looking forward to being able to have the thumbnails on the left. Not usable as is.)

The stylesheet if you're interested.

In Opera, you're only able to set site-specific CSS per domain. Therefore the above CSS influences all google sites. Opera only stylesheet that doesn't affect (from what little I've tested) other google sites.