Friday, September 4, 2009

Enhanced HTML generation in Domino 8.5

With Domino 8.5 web applications, there is a setting that lets you enable "Enhanced HTML generation". This generates markup closer to the HTML specifications.

Another nice thing about it is that some of the design elements (views, actionbar, outline, etc.) gets a class-attribute on its generated HTML.

For instance, the action bar table gets a domino-actionbar class. No more hacks needed to style the action bar..

I haven't found a complete documentation of all the generated classes. This is about the only documentation I found on the subject. I wish IBM would get a bigger team working on documentation. One of the reasons features aren't used is lack of documentation.


Unknown said...

My understanding is that a lot of documentation folks got nailed in the last round of cutbacks.

After all, with the customers writing the documentation wiki, why should Lotus pay folks to document stuff ? (This is not a view I subscribe to, but one outlined to me by a senior Lotus exec).

---* Bill

Tommy Valand said...

Doesn't sound too surprising..

The problem with the customers vs the platform developers documenting stuff is that there will end up being a lot of undocumented functionality.. :\