Wednesday, February 17, 2010

XPages API Inspector V2

The changes from the previous version are quite big (as you can see from the screenshots below).

From what I can remember:
* Methods are now sorted alfabetically

* If the returned class/the class of the (inherited or local) method is
from the JSF 1.0 or Java 6 API, I've added a direct link
into Sun's APIs. Google search link always added.

* Declared Methods, Methods, Declared Fields and Fields are organized in
their own section.

* Each section has the number of contained items next to the title

* Private methods/fields have been removed from the report

(Google idea robbed and deployed from Nathan T. Freeman google)



The best thing? I only needed an evening to make the changes. That's RAD!

>> Download from OpenNTF
No login is required for download. If you don't like version 2 (let me know why), version 1 is also available.

As with the previous version, all code is contained in the custom control. This is sometimes a headache to work with (for me), but it makes it extremely easy to implement the control.

Let me know if there are any bugs.

Share and enjoy!


Nate said...

"Google search link always added"

ACK! Thief! No more advance email exchanges with you! :-P

Tommy Valand said...

Argh! (thought I would get away with it) :P

The blogpost has been updated with credits..

Anonymous said...


I am continually getting the ASPLODED response. Is this stable enough that I should try to resolve this? (I'm a bit of a noob regrettably).

Thanks very much.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, should mention... It worked once. Then !~!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for flooding your comments...

Log says:
Forcing JSON refresh for !chrir92eo2!
Sent json for !chrir92eo2!: 4560
O NOES!!! Medusa is null!
java.lang.NullPointerException Script interpreter error, line=11, col=47: 'viewRoot' is null


Tommy Valand said...

Not sure, but it might sound like a conflict with Medusa. The API Inspector has been 100% stable on all the XPages I've tried it on.

Could you try on an application that isn't "Medusa enabled"?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response. Not sure what you mean. If I try another app and check the Medusa tab in FireBug it comes up with Checking... and, of course, never stops checking.

Tommy Valand said...

Now I'm confused.. :)

What are you using the API Inspector for? Medusa is for debugging/inspecting the active XPage.

The API Inspector is meant as a tool to find out more about the XPages API. You can find out the API for a specific component using the combo-box to the left of the expression field.

Alternatively, you can type an expression in the expression field. E.g. a Java class (java.util.ArrayList) or a global variable (session).

Anonymous said...


Appreciate your responses. I've always inspected DOM elements in the Firefox console so kinda assumed the same with your tool. I'll take a week to work with it more before I waste any more of your time.

Thanks again.

Tommy Valand said...

If I read your comments correctly, I think you're speaking to the wrong guy. I'm not the guy behind Medusa.

If you take a look at the OpenNTF page for the project, under Chefs, you'll see the three wizards..