Saturday, December 4, 2010

Favorite Applications repository v0.1 Alpha

I've started working on an application heavily inspired by Tim Tripconys PIM Slap application.

I've made it document based, so that you can easily add more applications (in PIM Slap, you had to add them in Domino Designer).

In the config, you can specify the servers you have your apps on:

In the application documents, you select the server, and write the path to the application.
Save the document, and the other "required" fields are set through code. Once the document is saved. Click refresh on the framesets. Some apps require you to select a frameset, or they'll open in a separate tab. If there aren't any framesets in the app, leave it empty.

If you have an app spread across several servers, and want the possibility to open the app on those servers, click refresh below the "Servers with.." table. The code will then look through all your configured servers for the application, both by path and by replica.

Once you've configured the applications, you can click in the left menu, on the little icon to the left of the application title. This should open the app in the main frame. On the top of the app there's a dialog list that lets you switch servers for the app.

My motivation for making this app is that I have several OpenLog implementations spread across several servers, and I'm tired of opening them manually. The reason I don't have any other screenshots is that they would show the server names of my company, and I've heard that's a no no.

I decided to post this very early version of the app so that I might get feedback on wanted improvements early on (apart from poor usability, it does what I needed). One of the first things I'll implement next is a Database Browser-button, so that you don't have to remember the path of every app you want to configure.

Hopefully I'll get around to comment the code the next time I get my hands dirty with the app again.

My brain is now fried after trying to get around all the quirks of Notes development, so no more development tonight. :)

>> Download Demoapp

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