Friday, January 28, 2011

Using the Package Explorer to import file resources to an NSF

Using the package explorer, you can add import files/folder from your file system.

To import folders from the file system: In (windows) explorer, select the file(s)/folder(s) you want into the NSF, and copy them (CTRL+C or right click/copy). Then in Package Explorer, select the WebContent folder, and paste (CTRL+V or right click/paste).

It's as simple as that :)

If you're wondering what I needed this for, it's to create/maintain CKEditor plugins locally in an NSF. You can import "external" plugins using CKEDITOR.plugins.addExternal.

The imported files are noticed by the Design task, so this also works with templates.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tip Tommy! I imported TinyMCE into my database but now I have no idea how to make use of this library :(

Can you please give me some guidance?


Anonymous said...

I figured it out Tommy!