Friday, June 22, 2012

Update for Enhanced Messages Control - Show "system" messages

In response to this question on the XPages Forums, I've updated the source code for my Enhanced Messages Control, so that it also shows messages not bound to controls.

The "system" messages are show above the messages from components.


Daniele Grillo said...

Your CC is powerful!
I see that in Radio/Checkbox don't capture the label for UIcomponent...
Have you see this bug?
the problem I think is the function getLaberFor() that work only into textbox fields...

Tnx you

Tommy Valand said...

Do you mean checkbox-/radiogroup? I'm not sure if the labels for the items are generated as "xp:label with for attribute".

getLabelFor works on any component that's a subclass of UIComponent. That means more or less any single component that has a xp:label with for attribute set to the id of the component.