Friday, January 16, 2009

My first bug found in N/D 8.5

When you're working with an application in the new Domino Designer, and open/close the application in the Client, the QueryClose event doesn't get fired.

I had to close DD to get the event to fire. This probably isn't the most serious bug, but it is annoying when working with/testing QueryClose.



Michelle said...

I don't think this is new behavior. In 6, 6.5 and 7 you had to close the db in both client & designer to get the database postopen / queryclose events to fire

Unknown said...

I don't think you had to close the tabs in DD to get the events to fire. I haven't got older versions of the designer, so I can't test this.

Even if you did have to close all application tabs in the older DD, closing the tabs in the new designer doesn't close the application. To close it, you have to remove it from the workspace, or close DDE, which is a real hassle.

sean said...

cant speak for the query close but the post open has been like that for as long as I can remember - not so much a bug I think because the database is in fact open - just in designer sean

NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

I use Postopen and Queryclose (as well as most of the other UI events) extensively in NotesTracker, and have never run into this problem up to and including Designer 7/0.3

So thanks Tommy for the "heads up" on this. I'll be looking into it very closely indeed.

Unknown said...

No problem.

I asked a couple of DDE developers in one of the jumpstart sessions, and it seems like the only way to trigger the close-event when you have the database open is; close the designer or remove the application from the navigator in Eclipse.

Luckily, I rarely work on the QueryOpen/QueryClose events of applications.

NotesTracker - Tony Austin said...

Hmmm, that doesn't sound very nice Tommy, in fact I'd call it unacceptable for unacceptable for DDE to behave like this. Did you (or would you) ask them when they're going to fix this so that event interception for DDE behaves properly (like in previous releases of Designer)?

I hope that they don't give the usual lame IBM response for bugs like this, that DDE 8.5 "is behaving as designed" implying that they're never going to fix it.

I certainly hope that they're not conceding that by being built on Eclipse RCP the Designer cannot (ever) cater for proper event interception.

Unknown said...

My impression from the people I asked was that they weren't aware of the problem.

I'd think it should be relatively simple to fix.