Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 0 of Lotusphere - Getting there

So the day started of well. I reached Sola airport in Norway an hour before the flight. I had plenty of time, so I read a little.

The first part of the trip went well. Sola - Copenhagen, no problems.

At Copenhagen, there were a few difficulties.

When I was boarding the plane, the jet engine was runnin at full speed, or so it seemed. When I got settled in, the captain let us know that there was a leakage from one of the engines, so the flight engineer had to repair this. Should only take fifteen minutes or so (he thought).

Fifteen minutes later, another message. The engineer wasn't able to fix the problem, so he had to get a new part. It should take about 45 minutes to fix. 45 minutes later, the engine was ok, but the driver of the car that was going to move the plane had gone home (resulted in an ironic laugh from all the passengers).

About 75 minutes over time, we finally got off the ground.

Around an hour late, the plane arrived at Washington. This was the part I feared the most. I'd heard a lot about US customs, and how strict they were. Maybe I was lucky, I don't know, I had no problems getting into the US. There were a lot of people waiting to get in, so that maybe resulted in the customs agents spending less time per person.

Then it was off to Orlando. Everyting went well. At this part of the journey, I felt totally lost, but somehow I found the places I needed to be. The last part of the journey was enjoying kids arguing with their parents for half an hour, while waiting for the bus to the hotel. All in all, I felt the trip went quite well.

Off to the first XPages session!

(this was written in a hurry, so please excuse me for any spelling mistakes)


Unknown said...

Good to hear that the trip went OK!

Enjoy your stay at Lotusphere