Thursday, January 22, 2009

If it wasn't for Douglas Adams, I might not be here - Wrapping up LS09

So I learned a couple of new things during these last days. Apart from the class browser in the new LS designer, you will also get type-ahead from your own code, which I think is kind of neat. This is something you get in most of the IDEs based on Eclipse, but since I've worked in the clunky "old" designer for over three years, I'm surprised/excited by news like this.

I also heard a rumour from a former IBM employee that NSFDB2 is more or less dead. Having played around with it a little, I may understand the (not confirmed) decision. NSFDB2 doesn't seem to bring much functionality to the table. There is still the 64GB limit on Notes databases, the structure isn't easy to work with and with XPages, as Nathan proved, you are now able to do speedy semi-relational lookups with the new View Control.

On to Douglas Adams.

I was at a great dinner on tuesday, hosted by Symfoni Software. Met a lot of nice people. Amongst them, there was a guy from the Linde Group. He was from Gilford in the UK. As Gilford is the place Arthur Dent believed Ford Prefect to come from, this reminded me of Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy, which reminded me of my blog, which is more or less the reason I got to go to Lotusphere 2009, and also the reason I got invited to the Symfoni dinner (thanks, Trond Are). If it wasn't for Douglas Adams and his Hitchhiker's "trilogy", my blog would at least have a different name, or even worse, I might not have had a blog at all, resulting in not being at Lotusphere 2009..

On to wrapping up..

LS has been a nice experience. I learned what XPages is all about, got insight into what is planned for future versions of Domino Designer/XPages will bring, got to experience the warm weather in Florida, got a cold for walking around Epcot in too few layers of clothing, got to meet a lot of great people, got to taste the american cuisine (not to fond of the bagel), and a lot more.

This last day, I think I'll mostly stay at my room to keep the cold at bay. I'm leaving the sunny state tomorrow (just when it's starting to warm up), and I don't want to be a sneezing feverish monster. :)


Jerome Carter said...

Bagels are tricky business. Too old and their tough. Too much time reheating and their, again, tough. Toasted, their tough to the point of personal injury. And that's just plain bagels. The bagel shape has been misappropriated by large bagel chains and remade in all sorts of heart-burn inducing non-traditional doughs with all sorts of (semi)edible detritus added. The original, plain bagel, fresh, unadulterated, with a skim of cream cheese is by far a delightful light breakfast or snack. I hope at some point you get to experience a proper bagel, which by your description I assume you were unfortunate enough to have not. Cheers! Hope the cold is brief!

Tommy Valand said...

More or less all the bagels I ate had a rubbery/day old bread feel to them.

I don't think that the the bagels I had necessarily were old/bad, just that the taste in bread is different in the US than in Norway.

I only had bagels at the Dolphin hotel, so I can't judge all US bagels.