Saturday, September 15, 2007

NotesFX 0.11

If you're coming to this post directly, NotesFX 0.2, which is stable here.

Changes since 0.1 A:
One field per effect, less JS, speedier, possibility to set speed of animation.

Dropped the alpha (still in the DB-title). It's still nothing more than a proof of concept (mostly because of instability in the Notes Client).

Will still kill JS in Notes (unable to save JS-libraries/run JS in the client). Solution, KillNotes.exe.

>> Download NotesFX 0.11 Alpha

Thanks goes out to Nathan for input on the first version. I planned on having the weekend blog-free, but when people mail me about my experiments, I sometimes get a boost in motivation.

If I ever get this stable, I came up with a couple other possible uses than I have in my demo. Layer-based progress bar, horizontal and vertical bar charts (dynamic, based on field values and animated if you wanted).