Thursday, September 6, 2007

Preview of next upcoming SNTT

This app has been postponed. I'm currently more interested in seeing what I can get out of my NotesFX-project.

The app is going to be a demo of "Ticket"-based logins (you log in, you get a ticket that lasts until you log out or 24 hours).

The ticket is not the same as temporary registration. You still have to register, but instead of a NAB, I make user-documents in the application.

I recently used this approach in an application that had to go inside a frameset (actually an iframe inside a frame) from a different (not sub-) domain. Cookies and IE don't play well in that kind of environment.

I believe this approach also can be used if security isn't critical, but in those kinds of applications I'd probably use a cookie to store the ticket-id, and not pass it around in the URL, which I'm going to do in the demo.

I aim for making it browser independent (IE/FF/Opera), but will look a little worse in IE6, because of lack of PNG transparency support. Not sure if I'm going to spend time on learning to use behavior-hacks to make it look the same as newer/better browsers.

Click the image to view full size

Horrible colors, but I'm no designer/the app is not released.. :)