Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun with the WebBrowser Control - Making friends

The demoapp has gone through serious a serious rewrite to make the code more reusable/flexible. I've also worked a little bit on dynamically binding events through environment variables and execute. Sadly I haven't found a way of truly dynamically binding events (On Event..).

Some of the methods for the browser-class I use are now also chainable. E.g.
Dim browser As New Browser
Call browser.setSize(300, 400).openUrl("")

Todays flash shows a little friend-making:

The document being edited has a hidden multi-value field that holds ID's to other "Discworld Characters". When a character is selected in the lookup, the id of that document is put inside a hidden field in the browser document.

When the browser is closed, the values is picked out of the browser document and added to the "friends-list". Then the document is refreshed/a lookup is run to update the list of friends (a computed for display field). This is achieved by binding a function-call to the windowclosing-event of the control.

I'm still not ready to release the demoapp. If I do that, I'm probably going to stop experimenting on the WebBrowser, and start mucking with XPages..


Tim Tripcony said...

Lookin' good, Tommy. Sadly, LotusScript only allows binding to events in product objects... so even if a COM object publishes events, we can't bind to them.

Unknown said...

I read that in the documentation. I guess I was(/am still) hoping for yet an undocumented feature.. :)