Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fun with the WebBrowserControl - DemoApp release

I think I've cleaned up the demo-app good enough now.

I added another demo, showing the browser on the onHelp event in Notes/offline Mootools accordion.

Apart from that, I've changed the way I store JS. I now store it in a page, and use the NotesNoteCollection of the db to fetch it (look in the code). This makes it easier to implement in a Template-context.

If you test the app on something else than Notes 8, I'd appreciate feedback (preferably in the comments) on the stability of the demoapp.

To test out making friends, edit a document in the DiscworldCharacters-view (make sure the HTTP-task is running). If you're running the demo on a server, edit the Add friend-button, so that the domain is correct.

The other demos are in the BrowserDemo-form.

>> The WebBrowserControl demoapp

The flash-demos are here

Update: Martin tested the app in N6.53. That makes it at least compatible with N6.5 to N8.02.


Martin Schaefer said...

Great stuff you've got here. I tested the demo app on LN653 and it worked like a charm. Had to change line 5 of the 'cfd_friends' field to get it working.


lup := @DbColumn( "" ; "" ; "(charactersById)" ; 2 );


lup := @DbColumn( "" ; "" ; "(luCharacters)" ; 2 );

Keep up the good work!

Tommy Valand said...

Thanks for the heads up, Martin!

I guess I cleaned out a little too much. I was quite tired in the end, yesterday.

I've recreated the view, and uploaded a fixed version. It should work now..