Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Added translation tool to my blog

Inspired by the code poet, I added a google-translate tool at the top right side of my blog.

Hopefully, this will let more people find a solution to their problem.

Regarding the templating-class/-demoapp.. I've implemented it in a couple of projects at work. It works great.. I'll post the demo-app when someone (the tooth ferry fairy?) has documented the code.


IT-bonden Odde said...

Vi venter alle på "tann-fergen"... :-D

Tommy Valand said...

I knew there was something off when I wrote it.. Google gave me image-results (my spell check) of a fairy when I wrote tooth ferry..

The tooth ferry is a little known mythical steamboat that transports the teeth of dead warriors across the river Styx.. :)