Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's about time you update the NotesDatabase.Search documentation, IBM!

A colleague of mine was working on NotesDocumentCollections resulting from a NotesDatabase.Search. He discovered that whatever you put into the last parameter (maxDocs), all documents were returned.

Here's the documentation on the Search method:


Set notesDocumentCollection = notesDatabase.Search( formula$, notesDateTime, maxDocs% )



String. A Notes @function formula that defines the selection criteria.


A cutoff date. The method searches only documents created or modified since the cutoff date. Specify Nothing to indicate no cutoff date.


Integer. The maximum number of documents you want returned. Specify 0 to receive all matching documents.

The documentation on maxDocs is wrong, and IBM has been aware of the issue since Notes 4.5.

Do Quality control much?


Theo Heselmans (Xceed) said...

Strange, I've been using this for more than 10 years, and it works for me.
One issue is that it returns a maximum of 5000 docs.
I mostly use it with a value of 4999. If the dc.count is 4999 then I know I've reached the limit of FT search, and I switch to a regular search (slower, but at least I got ALL my docs).

Theo Heselmans (Xceed) said...

Oops, NOW (after submitting) I notice you're talking about regular search. I always use that one with a 0 value too.

Carl Tyler said...

This bit me in the past too.