Monday, January 11, 2010

Use FIELD in pages to declare global variables

Edit: It only seems to work when the page is set to Content-Type: Notes, which is a drag (needed it for a custom content-type/JS-page)..

What I've probably longed most for in pages is the ability to have global variables. I thought this was impossible due to the lack of fields in a page.

It turns out it's quite simple. The reason I came up with trying this is Andre Guirards article on Using View Column Programmatic Names. In this article (recommended read!), he discusses the usage of FIELD in view columns/selection formulas to create temporary global variables.

To declare a variable as global, put FIELD in front of it.
FIELD globalVariable := "I'm global!";
For cross client (Notes/Web) pages, it seems that you have to put the global variable declarations in "Window Title". First declare your variables using FIELD, then add the code for the window title.


Using the variable in a computed text:




Dwight Wilbanks said...

Very good find! I don't know when, but, I suspect I will be using that one at some point in the future.


Tommy Valand said...

No problem.. :)

This is probably most useful when you want to use the result of a dblookup/dbcolumn multiple places, or have global constants (replicaid/db path/etc.).

At least that was what I planned using it for.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot... this saved me a lot of coding as well as waiting time to ReCache dbcolumns for every computed field... Thanks