Thursday, September 2, 2010

XPages API Inspector V3

From feature requests (thanks, Mark Leusink, F. Kranenburg):
* Classes that don't have a constructor can now be inspected (e.g. lotus.domino.local.Item)
* The API Inspector now has partial refresh. No more full reload of page
* Possibility to filter hidden _components (e.g. eventHandlers)

My own tweaks:
* Removed the clear-button
* If you select something other than Custom, the input field/inspect button is hidden.
To reset, select custom
* The expression field is now an auto-growing text-area.
This allows you to test more advanced expressions in a more user friendly way.
>> Download V3 from

Let me know if there are any bugs :)


Stephan H. Wissel said...

Neat. Your API inspector is one of the "must download" tools I recommend in *every* XPages enablement I deliver.

Tommy Valand said...

Thanks for the promotion, Stephan :)