Monday, June 13, 2011

Simple API tester - SSJS bugs remain

A couple of years ago I blogged about bugs in Array.splice, String.match with global modifier, and String.replace with function as parameter.

I did a little test on the current beta of 8.5.3. Guess what. Two years later, the bugs still haven't been fixed.

I made a small API tester utility that you can set up tests for the API/expected result. In the demoapp, there are tests for the bugs that I'm aware of. I also added a couple of tests for inconsistencies in the @-functions api.

It's quite simple to set up for JS/ECMAScript tests. Do the test in Firebug or a similar JS console. Copy/paste the expression, and the result into the fields in the XPage. Run test to see if the result is what should be expected. Note that SSJS follows ECMA-262 Edition 3. Firefox also follows this standard, but has features from JavaScript 1.8.x (according to wikipedia) that SSJS doesn't have.

>> Download API Tester

This is beta software from IBM and does not represent a commitment, promise or legal obligation by IBM to deliver, in a future release of Notes/Domino or Lotus Notes Traveler, any material, code or functionality described/shown in this presentation.


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