Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying to find ntrigger.dll for 64 bit server - Trigger Happy/Audit Manager

I'm trying to implement Audit Manager on a 64bit domino server.

I've hammered my friend Google with every keyword I can think of, but it doesn't look like anyone has successfully made a 64bit version of the ntrigger.dll/published it.

I managed to compile a 64bit version, but it crashes the server after it's initialized.

If anyone has managed to make a working 64bit version of the dll, I would be very happy if you could send it to me (tvaland at gmail)/contribute it to OpenNTF.

Thanks in advance :)


Lars Berntrop-Bos said...

If anyone has an iSeries version, i would be interested.

dogu said...

Ohhhh crap! We're getting close to moving to 8.5.2, probably on a 64 bit machine and I use Audit Manager everywhere! I hadn't even thought that it might not work on a 64 bit machine....your blog title is wrong... DO Panic!

dogu said...

Any luck? We just got approval to move to 8.5 and I was planning to go 64 bit. If we can't find a version of ntrigger, we'll need to stick with the 32 bit server.
Thanks for any updates

Tommy Valand said...

No luck :\

Neil Gower said...


I am the chef for Audit Manager, someone I work with is currently trying to get it working on 64bit as funnily enough we use it a lot as well.

He has it compiled and running for a while, then it tkes the server down. As soon as it is fixed I will release an upgrade for Audit Manager, and I am sure he will post it to the triggerhappy project



Tommy Valand said...


Have you taken a look at the OSGi plugin at OpenNTF? From what I've heard, it should be quite stable. Not sure if it has implemented all the hooks TriggerHappy has though.

Anyways, thanks for the effort :)