Thursday, December 20, 2007

Readable lookups - Demo application

The demo contains:

I've made a simple index-page. If you download the app/open, you should see the links to the demos.

The demos aren't very exciting/useable. Take a look at the design elements for the "magic".

The Ajax-demo

Link "To the frontpage" is a part of the above flash-animation

>> Download demo-application


Dmytro said...

hm, just one question.

did you put JS code in file because it was useful for you?

because I can't look in it. but if you want to hide it no problem...

just want to look at it more

Thnx !

keep this way!

Tommy Valand said...

I'm not sure which JS-file you mean..?

The JS framework I use, Mootools is a file-resource in the database.

The rest of the JS should be in the JS header of the form.


If you can't open the file-resource, you may not have a default program to open .js files.

If you click the "Open with"-action button in Domino Designer, and choose Notepad or Wordpad (or Aptana, which I use for editing JS-files), you should be able to open it.

Dmytro said...

actually the problem was in my head :)
i opened js file in notepad and all code were in 1-4 string so i could not read it.

aptana helped me