Saturday, December 8, 2007

Readable lookups: Lookups -> HTML with formula

Update, 20.12.07: Demo-application done.

To avoid making a monsterpage, I'll split up the different tricks you can do with the readable lookups technique.

First example, generating HTML from lookups with templating, in a readable way. I'll post a demo-db when I'm done making examples.

The lookup-view

First, I create a lookup-view.

First column: firstName + " " + lastName
For real-life apps, I mostly use ComputedWhenComposed-fields with @Unique as a general lookup-field.

Second column:

The advantage in writing it this way is that all you have to do to add more data is to add the field-name to the fields-list. Another advantage is that there is less chance of typing errors, as less is written. The biggest disadvantage is performance. If you have a lot of documents (maybe 20 000++), I'd think the above way of writing the column formula would be more resource-heavy on view-indexing than if you simply concatenate strings.


First, take a look at my previous, less readable technique, where i had pipe-separated lookup-data.

New, "self documenting" lookup -> HTML technique:
Definition lists
A table

>> Result of the above to examples