Friday, December 7, 2007

Readable lookups

Update, 20.12.07: Demo-application done.

A colleague of mine, Torbjørn Halsne, found a better/more readable way of creating readable lookups than my "Keyword/Value lookup fields", on searchdomino.

The technique.

The worst part about my K/W-technique was that it wasn't really suitable for lookups that returns more than one value.

This new (to me) technique adds overhead on view-indexes, but you get a lot in return.

I'm working on a demo to show all the great stuff you can do with this technique. E.g. using the same view for server-side lookups as client-side lookups (XML), a lot more readable formula-templating and hopefully (if it's not too time consuming/me too lazy) LS-WQO templating demo.

Hopefully I will have it ready/online before the end of the weekend.


Unknown said...

It will be nice to see your demo!

Best regards, Erik Rydberg

Tommy Valand said...

Might be delayed until this weekend.

I have a different "trick" I'll post later today.